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  1. I'm going to have to reply to the previous comment about how often pressure sensitivity is used. I use it, so add one to the count! Being the good little boyscout I am I just updated all my art programs free and paid (Artrage Pro edition! Glee!) Obviously Paint.net is a staple in my tool box for clean, quick photo edits that don't take 5 minutes to load on my limited processor-power tablet PC (omg, Adobe Premiere.) To my utter horror, the new version doesn't have pressure sensitivity. I'm currently scrambling to find the old install file--scouring mega upload, forums, etc., See, the N-trig technology used in the lower priced, but better hardware tablet PCs uses Microsoft's tablet API, not WinTab which is what every other program in the world uses. So, when I purchased this tablet PC I traded my ability to use lots of programs with pressure sensitivity for a faster processor and finger & pen touch (finger painting on my PC is a blast.) I, at time of purchasing was limited to Paint.net, ArtRage, and a handful of other lesser known programs. Now that I updated Paint.net my ability to produce work on this PC is severely limited. Until I get the brush tool back, the workhorse of my editing suite, Paint.net no longer functions in the way I use it most. I know a small hoard of HP Tablet PC users have been directed to Paint.net by the two most popular forum threads on the topic on HP.com and Adobe.com. Perhaps a pity link to an old install version (yes I'm aware you don't like posting those) for all of us who purchased N-trig based devices could be offered?
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