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  1. Lol thanks for the indepth help, ive changed the night sky colour and hte water colour and its already looking brilliant, ill look into some moon tutorials and upload the newer image hopefully later tonight.

    Oh and if that was a twilight reference i want to make this clear to all posters, NO twilight references, i will not have my topic disgraced by its pathetic mentioning. Lol

    EDIT:Updated the picture there with better sky and water and improved moon, although i need to delete some temporary files onmy computer before i can see it you all should be able to see the change

  2. Ok thanks for the reply, for blue i just inverted the colours, and ive tried makign it black and white then fiddling with the curves, thats seemed to work quite well, head over to my galery to see what ive made with it so far.

  3. Ive tried changing the colours, because i want to make a range of different suns and make it into a nice pic. But when i make it in different colours and set the layers to glow they dont pick out the dark bits of the planet like the orange on yellow did. They just come up really bright in the denter of the star. Am i doing something wrong or are there only certain colours that work? Thanks for help in advance.

  4. Ok to make things a bit easier to see ive put all my new things into one post.

    This is one of the few things that I started a while ago and thought i would upload it to see what people think about it. Please let me know what you think.

    Lava Lamps and other stuff.

    Hidden Content:

    I then made this for my GCSE Graphics Products coursework, i had to design everything about a game but not the game itself, so i decided to make the main character, i know it looks a bit cartoony but i kinda like it.

    Hidden Content:

    This one i made for the case for my Grapchics Products course. Its supposed to be a destroyed city with a bomb going off in the background. Just if u dont see that.

    Hidden Content:

    And since so many people like my GCSE work i thought id add some of the logo ideas i had. Btw i used the last one, let me know if any of u think i made the wrong choice.

    Hidden Content:

    I liked everyones space works in the galleries so much i thought i'd hav a go at it and see how i can fare against them.

    Hidden Content:


    More space stuff, but credit to jerry533482 with his/her brilliant sun tutorial, so easy but looks so realistic.

    Hidden Content:

    Here one of my friends recommended making a lamp post, so i did which is what the first image is. Then for some reason this image of a lit pathway floating in a lake came into my head, so i thought id make it.

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    Soz about the wait people, had exams, but with exams, come free periods to do random stuff on paint.net. I just decided to do broken versions of the lava lamps people seemed to like. I know they're missing quite a lot, but I'd welcome ideas on what to do.

    Hidden Content:

    Again sorry for the wait, been crazy busy, but here's another peice I've made inspired by England and it's summerness

    Hidden Content:

    Please criticise all you want, itll help me improve and make better things!!

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