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  1. Yeh I did, preview 7 is done. Changing it in a moment when I uploaded it to YouTube. Preview 7 is online. Please let me know what you think. And yeh I only figured from the rules the work needs to contain paint.net for the most part, and well it is for about 95% paint.net apart from the credits. And the rules say your work needs to be hosted someplace else. Well I figured youtube is someplace else
  2. thanks =) and yeh the loading seems to be slow, no idea why o.o
  3. Hello guys, I am new to this forum and have done a quick scan trough the rules. I have made several drawings in Paint.Net and I love the program. I will present you my sixth preview 7th preview of the animation I made using Paint.net + Windows Movie Maker. I am running Vista by the way. Here it is, my 7th preview of the animation based on the anime called Naruto, drawn in Paint.net: 14/12/09 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfTYZdBld_s&hd=1 By all means, if youtube linking is not allowed, feel free to remove my post. I hope you like my work so far, It's pretty much basic as it is right now, but ok. I love Paint.Net and Naruto. Enjoy! (I hope). Paint.Net is credited in the title, description and at the end of the video. Changes in preview 7 from start to end: -Changed: Changed the music order a bit -Added: Sound effect at "VS drawing". -Changed: I'll give it back to you a thousand fold shortened. (Removed last drawing). -Added: Naruto starting to glow with red Chakra. -Added: Iruka sensei surprised + Sound effect of shock. -Added: Neji Huyuuga surprised + Sound effect of shock. -Added: Neji Hyuuga watching how Naruto's body fills with red chakra, and sees the kyuubi's face + sound effect. -Added: Handseal sound + Naruto yelling shadow clone jutsu. -Added: Iruka/shikamaru/neji drawing. -Added: Sakura being a lil bit angry. -Changed: Credits
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