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  1. I just realized that in the url for the "view your posts" button the end of it says "ego search" search.php?search_id=egosearch
  2. Updated with more coke visit the deviantart for more http://greenwinters.deviantart.com/
  3. 9/10 Not much I can say, it's awesome and render seems to fit background well.
  4. Not really meant to suit my name, it's nightcrawler from X-Men, he's creepy, But I'm a fan of him 7/10 I'm also a fan of sonic and it has a cool feel to it, but it looks to boring.
  5. 8/10 It looks really simple to make yet you made it look amazing, I like that 3D/glossy look.
  6. Thanks guys. Now I'm really starting to see how Andy Worhol was so easily influenced by Coca Cola
  7. I'm on my itouch so can somebody please get the image location of this for me? http://greenwinters.deviantart.com/art/ ... 9&offset=0
  8. thank you I just noticed that it has a little bit of a "spotlight" effect
  9. I was scared the first time i saw it haha yeah Nightcrawler is really weird but he's awesome, Here is his awesome fight scene from X2.
  10. Thanks for the good comments people I just finished making a new sig
  11. When you people say "the last one" do you mean the link or tree?
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