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  1. the grudge is a chinese (and underaged).. so i gotta say Hobo... Alienware Vs. Farari (computer not cars )
  2. Hmm... i dont get the punch line... 2/10 rate this..: its not that original i know
  3. hehe... a new transformer sig... it didnt came out the way i wanted... with and without text and then some old art.. : The text is really bad so dont comment on that
  4. kemaru 1 burningrock 2 cause kemarues is too small ...
  5. yeah but it dosent seem that there are too many wrestling fans in this forum
  6. CHRISTMAS WHITE AND BLACK!!! noo if it were RED AND WHITE AND BLUE I WOULD VOTE FOR IT CAUSE (ups caps xD) christmas rocks!!... xD
  7. WWE Debates ... First subject: TLC... wtf... how can Sheamus get a title shot this early... AND HOW CAN CENA LOOSE ... anyone agree with me or some other apinions?? Dx vs Jerishow... first i would like to say that im a huge Dx fan... but after ive said that, i wont think its too good for Dx to have the titles... it kinda ruins their atitude... Undertaker vs batista missed that match ... but heard undertaker won... good for him.. i hate the new batista.. If u wonna talk about all the other matches u are welcome ... Missed Jeff Hardy, when i saw the TLC paperview :')
  8. lol... my middlename is spelled Sulivan with 1 L... hmm maybe my parents didnt spell it right xD
  9. i vote for brianmoth, cause christmas rocks!!! csm725 = 1 vote Brianmoth = 1 (!!!AWSOME!!!) vote
  10. hmmm... dont like it as a signature 5/10... @Darkshock, is that 1 or 2 renders, stocks?
  11. 8 have looked 1 have replied, bad odds xD... but ive made a new signature
  12. the headline says it all Im back, all my school work just did so i couldnt go on my computer that much... but now its allmost vacation (YEAH CHRISTMAS!! oh god....) hope u remember me
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