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  1. where do you get the Fire! plug in? EDIT: found it... you might want to add a link next time though so people who don't have it can download it.
  2. the easiest way to do that would be to find the image that you want as your background and just use the text tool to type the players names and numbers. it is probably much harder to do this in paint.net than Word or PowerPoint, if you have one of those it would be a lot easier because it seems like that is what you are familiar with.
  3. I was wondering if there was any way to edit text that has already been written in Paint.net without having to redo everything to get back to that step. Sorry if i didn't post this in the right place... i'm new to paint.net
  4. I had the same problem with another tablet i was using. the trick is to pick it STRAIGHT up and not move it while you are picking it up. Hope this helps
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