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  1. Hello! Thanks for your help and comments. I've searched the web during the last days and I found a good tip: The Problem: When you've got a Word Document with Bitmap-Pictures inside, it's "sometimes rather difficult" to get the original pictures in the original solution and format back. The solution: Open the word document and save the document as a website (into a new temporary folder). You will find the pictures for the website (usually resized and compressed) inside a subfolder of your new folder. AND You will also find ALL pictures in the original size and format inside of the subfolder. Just browse the new subfolder with a software like xnview. I was surprised. Castell
  2. Hello! First of all: I want to say thank you for this great software. (... and I want to apologize for my "unperfect" english). I'm a teacher and I have a lot of word-documents with screenshots. When I open MS Word, copy a screenshot or another picture (that is part of the Word Document) to the clipboard and paste it into PAINT.NET, the picture DOESN'T have the original size (it is resized and looks "terrible"). When I open MS Word, copy a picture from the document to the clipboard and paste it into "Microsoft Photo Editor" (that is part of MS Office), it WILL have the original size. But as far as I know, "Microsoft Photo Editor" isn't part of all versions of MS Office. This is not a serious problem but I think it would be great, if pictures, that are stored as part of a word document, could easily be copied to PAINT.NET for further processing. Maybe my "suggestion" can be taken into account for a future version of paint.NET?!? Thanks!
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