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  1. This is just some of my [Rubbish] work. Animals Hidden Content: Really bad anime Hidden Content: Abstract Hidden Content: I will update this but for now i'll keep working.
  2. I'd really like to know because i probably will get told off for making it to big.
  3. it won't open them unfortunately keeps saying 'error'
  4. i've been using paint.net for ages just not the forums and my laptop doesn't support plug-ins so i can't do most tuts.
  5. I cannot find UnFreez my gif animator can anybody tell me where to because i uploaded it.
  6. Briamoth was correct!I know the nose sucks haha...
  7. Mine sucks haha. And i used gaussian blur instead of average.
  8. I really don't know but to my the feature that mostly helps are the layers.
  9. So, you've tried to insert an image, have you? If so, go back and edit the post. There you will see everything you typed in. Copy and paste it into a PM and send it to me. Be sure to put the text in formatters. Then I'll be able to see what is going on. I await your PM. I will be using an example.
  10. My avatar was drawn by me and i don't know if its good or not. If you think you know who it is and all tell me.
  11. I copied the example sign but made this animation.
  12. My attempt was really really bad although i was rushing.
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