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  1. I haven't been around long enough to fill in all of the slots but i filled in those i knew. I probably won't get a mention as i'm still a newbie to the forums.But not to Pdn.
  2. Well my attempt was deleted by my little brother but...grrrrrr brothers for you...
  3. Thanks barbieq...i'd find it really hard to pick a theme...it's quite good...
  4. I may have been using paint.net for a new year but i am still a bit of a numpty newbie
  5. Yes it is easy when you know how......it's hard to believe some of these artists were complete numpty newbies once isn't it. I was completely stuck before i discovered layers as my black disappeared under my colouring XD...
  6. I put first comment...ooops...i meant competition/contest...i did step out of my comfort zone because objects and such really are not my style...i'm an anime artist/human artist/sometimes animal artist....I drew a celebrity and it's just precise i suppose...
  7. Thank you Oma.I wanted to enter my first comment but i think i'm better at Humans haha.Once again thank you for voting for me.
  8. I have never voted for myself.And i accept my work is pretty suckish.I don't mind.I tried.The words are blue.
  9. Mines an amateur gemstone picture..very bad...
  10. What do you mean by what happened to the dog?
  11. I want to try to do pop art but not...I want my picture ton have four segments...all the same...i make no sense probably but i want 4 sections each with the same picture...but i want each one to be different.How do i do this?
  12. Nice one Frontcannon...you know what i'm adding an extra half an hour...so lets say half four is the closing time.
  13. I think he means that he has other image applications and it makes it difficult with a plain cursor. The first time he runs it the cursor is there and working fine and the next it's gone. But i don't think this is to do with paint.net...?
  14. I thought i'd like to try some reflections.
  15. The bottom one is more of a reflection-type than shadow-type.
  16. Oh and one last thing.Competition closes in an hour.
  17. The theme is:The alphabet I know wierd theme...but i feel wierd today. Rules:No pasting images...no pasting and editing either,this will be solefully yours.Otherwise you'll be cheating yourself. No black or white.I want it to be colourful.Sepia is acceptable.Just i don't want the hole thing to be sepia. You may think because i'm a newbie i don't know what i'm on about but i have been using pdn for a while now.Just not the forums.This may be against the rules but i want to see great art.
  18. Thank you Oma. Yes you did spell manga right ,and i hope they do take me somewhere. Igreen it doesn't matter haha.
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