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  1. @TheOnlyChad, Keep hiding under that bridge!

    @Cellus, Keep Getting Pawned!

    @Oma, We all need somebody to lean on!

    @Helen and Oma, Keep on Tweeting!

    @Pyrochild, I suggest you go to law school ;)!

    @david.atwell, Run before somebody eats you!

    @BoltBait, Keep being funny!

    @Darkshock, Keep doing what you do!

    @LFC4EVER, Keep running...a little higher!

    @BoltBait, Could you get me some popcorn?

    @usedHONDA, COULD YOU TAKE OUT YOUR EARPHONES?(sorry i know about the caps lock rule but i had too :D )

    @Rick Brewster, Keep forgetting about that work you have to do!

    @A Fleeting Glimpse, Keep being in your imaginary land!

    @Welshblue, Keep hopping over them lotus flowers!

    @APShredder, Keep plugging in that laptop or it'll go off!

    @Darkshock, Awesome Sig!

    @Oma, wear that crown with pride!

    Oh and Flip...Stay in bed tomorrow...:D

    No offence intended...There's always hope for me next year...I was too new...

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