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  1. So some of you may have used, are using or heard of the Fill from clipboard plugin. Is there any way that you can get it to change the size of the image within or stop it from being tiled? Tiled as in picture next to picture next to picture?
  2. Not sure if this has been asked, but how'd you do it if you have windows 7?
  3. i didn't use any brushes...do i have to? well i used pdn brush but that's it... oops it's too big...not entering it now
  4. Thank you barbie...Thank you for the comments @splicit i could never do that background again.I did it now i forgot
  5. That's how i do it frontcannon...:rool:
  6. i use imageshack...i used it in my gallery a couple of days ago and it didn't do that
  7. Thanks...the face didn't go well :oops: Why are my pictures so small?
  8. erm i made an eye on another picture.should i show you?
  9. They look fine too me maybe you need to get your eyes tested,jk.But they look fine.
  10. I don't want to rotate fully but i have a picture that's kind of slanting and my straight eye won't go the rigt amount round.This may seem confusing but...i don't know what to do.
  11. Great Job Rick...I've missed a couple of updates so here's another version i'm going to have to get used to...Great look,I like the new distorts as my old version didn't have them.I miss my old version already haha.
  12. With the undo button :Undo: Hope this helped
  13. @TheOnlyChad, Keep hiding under that bridge! @Cellus, Keep Getting Pawned! @Oma, We all need somebody to lean on! @Helen and Oma, Keep on Tweeting! @Pyrochild, I suggest you go to law school ! @david.atwell, Run before somebody eats you! @BoltBait, Keep being funny! @Darkshock, Keep doing what you do! @LFC4EVER, Keep running...a little higher! @BoltBait, Could you get me some popcorn? @usedHONDA, COULD YOU TAKE OUT YOUR EARPHONES?(sorry i know about the caps lock rule but i had too ) @Rick Brewster, Keep forgetting about that work you have to do! @A Fleeting Glimpse, Keep being in your imaginary land! @Welshblue, Keep hopping over them lotus flowers! @APShredder, Keep plugging in that laptop or it'll go off! @Darkshock, Awesome Sig! @Oma, wear that crown with pride! Oh and Flip...Stay in bed tomorrow... No offence intended...There's always hope for me next year...I was too new...
  14. This is just a bit of a rough sketch but it's for when you're away from the keyboard.
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