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  1. WHAT! Oh... I'm was sure that I spelled it like "Christams." :oops: :!:
  2. Is this good? I don't think I did very good on the smudging...
  3. I've got a seasonal smiley: made it myself. Didn't really want to put an animation because it looks good the way it is and I don't like animations very much. Please don't be harsh...
  4. I know it is not christmas yet but it is close enough so have a SPACE AGE CHRISTMAS! BTW you cannot get the santa smiley in the smilies place when your posting a message.
  5. Oh, sorry, I didn't know I could do that. Sorry! :oops:
  6. By the way, did you make that sig yourself :?: It's cool :!:
  7. This is problably one of my favorite tutorials.
  8. But even though, I do agree that .png is better. Look how clear it is now! I think I might use this as a sig. 8) :wink:
  9. Yep I just checked: -1a. Screenshots must be .GIF or .JPG files less than 800 pixels at their largest dimension. Not everyone has a network connection as good as yours. It says you can't use .png.
  10. Okay! 8) One more question though. It says in the tutorial guidelines that the pictures you post in tutorials HAVE to be either a .gif or a .jpeg. You said you use .png now but I thought that wasn't alloud. Maybe I read the rules wrong. I'll check now.
  11. Yeah but it has to be a JPEG or a Gif to show up on the screen.
  12. I have a question though, when you were making your tutorial, did you save those pictures as gifs or JPEGs? Because JPEGs make it kinda blurry, but GIFs make it not look right. For Example: Gif image: If you notice the gausian blur :GaussianBlur: looks weird. It doesn't look how you did it. But on my computer when I was making it, it looked normal.
  13. I reccomend taking the reflection layer and put it under the image layer. As you can see by these picture's it looks much better: Look at the "Y" in this one. This "Y" on this one is much better because I moved the reflection layer under the image layer. It is still not that great but it is better thank before! :wink:
  14. Yeah I guess you're right. These are pretty good anyway. :o :shock: :? 8) :x :oops: :evil: :twisted: :wink: :!: :?: :idea: :arrow:
  15. I've also got this: Sorry I'm terrible at the Explosion Part. It supposed to be an angry guy getting so angry he explodes. Can someone make a better one for me!?
  16. This may sound kind of random, but someone should make a smoke grenade smiley. You know, one that explodes into smoke. (:
  17. Wait I got it! Check it out!
  18. Well I didn't really want it to be an attachment but i guess this is the best I can do.
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