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  1. Great tutorial but, what is the purpose of a userbar? Are you supposed to use it as a sig or is there are specific place where your supposed to put you're userbar? Anyway, great tut!
  2. Oh ..I don't know how I missed this before, I didn't see it,I can see EER in the image: I remember that I created and posted a 3D image before using a different technique called (cross-eyed)but looks like was not easy for some to view it even with the explanation details,it was more complicated on 13 levels(called 3D flowers) http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=22626&start=780 I clicked on the link and I think it is so AWESOME how you made that Yellowman! Do you have a tutorial to go with it?
  3. I clicked download, it took me to your plugin pack, I looked down the list of plugins and it wasn't there but I downloaded anyway just incase you forgot to add flag to the list of plugins, I checked the file after I unziped it and flag still wasn't there... is the download link broken?
  4. Band Name: WHO Disease Staging System for HIV Infection and Disease in Adults and Adolescents (okay...) Title of Album: Struggle for Independence Album Cover: Tracks: 1. Producer's Heart 2. Commonly Succeed 3. The Eyes of Others 4. Your Possibilities 5. Overdeliver 6. Probably Wrong 7. The Best Memory 8. Actions 9. Loathe 10. Isn't Fatal
  5. I'm not sure who's wish to corrupt so I'll just make my wish. I wish I could fly.
  6. Am I the only one who's posting there outcome? Well... Here goes nothing! Like it?
  7. Thanks guys but there is one thing wrong with the purple starscape. Do you see the two circles in the picture below. I can't really fix it... BTW I have a green starscape but I accidentally deleted it so I am working on a new one.
  8. I asked the same thing and he told me to go here.
  9. I downloaded the brush and clicked "Add Brush" and clicked the file but it doesn't work. Also, there's no extract button so I don't think you're supposed extract anything. Is there something I am forgetting to do?
  10. Here is the place where I put the stuff that I made all by myself without using a tutorial. Hidden Content: Fire Pikachu Fire Mew I know there is a tutorial that tells you how to do this but I found out by myself. So... anyway, these are Bloody Pipes. This is where I put the stuff that I made with a tutorial. Hidden Content: I use a tutorial to make the map. Anyway, this is an old globe. Purple Starscape This Eye thing... Explosion UFO over Forest Click Here to view the image because it is to big to put on the forum and I don't wanna resize it... Please post comments, critisism, requests, or suggestions for the formatting of my gallery!
  11. It isn't that great but it is my first try... Not much detail either...
  12. Here's my go! Sorry about the cut off edges... EDIT: Is this one better:
  13. I got this! AND THIS! But I'm not so good with the iPod Cord...
  14. Alex979


    What 'bout THIS! Is 'dis GOOD!
  15. Also got this: Edit: SORRY FOR DOUBLE POSTING!
  16. IT'S RAINING BLOOD! Ya like it? Is it to intense?
  17. Alex979


    How's This: Did I do everything right?
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