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  1. I have an ipod touch 3rd generation 8gb, So it doesn't have the option to set a home screen wallpaper. I don't want to jailbreak it though, because even though that is legal now, I don't want to take chances with ruining my ipod. So basically there are these tutorials on the internet telling you how to enable that feature without jailbreaking, by using a program called iBackupBot, where you can edit the backup files of an ipod touch. Now, it works, it's just that in order to actually change the wallpaper to something else, you have to change the homescreen.jpg file to the image you want. (it's a little hard to explain) So I go in and export the homescreen file, and replace it with a different picture. But I can't import them back in! And the reason is because with the 4.2.1 ipod, the homescreen and lockscreen files aren't jpg's, they're .cpbitmap files. And I can't import them back in! Now, I know that the way I'm explaining it is kinda hard to understand what I'm talking about, but if anyone has had this issue before, please tell me if you were able to fix it.

  2. Wow! That is just awesome! It looks kinda mysterious too! :black: lol

    I tried this out and I am feeling pretty satisfied with my work. My forest could be a little thicker but eh, whatever...

    Anyway here is my result! :mrred:

    I also added a little UFO in there to make it look more mysterious, or cool.


  3. Ah, don't worry about it. Actually, the plugin you suggested is pretty usefull for creating 3D effects on a photo, just like rotate/zoom, so, it's actually a pretty usefull plugin. Even though I didn't quite get a Wrap tool effect, I still appreciate your help!

    Thanks! ;)

  4. Well, I downloaded the plugin pack, but I couldn't find the Octagonal/Quad reshape/matte thing, I only found one called Quadrilateral Reshape, and it can only go up to 4 edit points, not eight like the picture that they were showing. Could you please tell me where the octogonal reshape is?

    Thanks! :)

  5. Hi! I was looking at some photoshop tutorials, to see if I could do them with paint.NET, when I found out about a very usefull tool in photoshop. It is called wrap, and it bassically gives the photo you are working on multiple edit points that you can move, to distort the photo, and make it wrap or fit to certain objects. For example, if I wanted to take a texture and make it fit only to a guys face, not his clothes or anything else, but I didn't want to just delete everything around the photo, I actually wanted to make it look like the texture was wraping around his skin, I could use wrap and distort the photo inward until I got the exact shape of his face. Here are some examples of distoring a photo with wrap below:



    So as you can see, they are using the wrap tool to morph the photo.

    Basically, my question is, can you use edit points to somehow wrap or distort a photo to an object in Paint.NET, and if there is some plugin to do this, please tell me.

    Any suggestions to help me get this effect would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks! :)

  6. The old plugin did have some bugs, but I did like being able to use the true feather function because when I tried to cut an object out of a backgrond with the magic wand tool, it would have little spots and hard edges around it, and if I used the true feather option, it would get rid of the spots and would make the object look smoother.

  7. I was on this website called www.roblox.com where it's like you can build your own little world out of bricks and legos. You can make your own clothes by saving the template on some sort of Paint program and upload it to the website. I was wondering how to make some of the parts of the clothes transparent so it would look like there was a hole in my character. I searched on the roblox forums and finally found that someone said that you could make images partly transparent with a program called Paint.NET. I downloaded it and I was happy with what I did. Then I realized that there are some pretty awesome effects in Paint.NET. I went to the Paint.NET search and Searched tutorials and I found it. I made an account on these forums because I wanted to ask so eone how to download plugins. After I got what I wanted I was doing tutorials, fiddling with cool plugins, and now I love Paint.NET! I've made some awesome things with it, and it's all because of www.roblox.com! :mrgreen:

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