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  1. Actually, technically I didn't. Michael Kelsey did, iirc. There was a resources usage problem in older versions of Paint.NET whereby it's allocate 1 GDI bitmap object per history item, even for items that used the same little 16x16 bitmap. After awhile Windows would stomp Paint.NET in the face, "you're using too many!!!" Now it collates all of those, and there's really no reason to have "Clear History."

    I repeat: there is no reason to have Clear History. It will not save memory or make it run faster. Stop asking for it.

    I understand it has no uses, but it could be used for aesthetic purposes. Also, Photoshop uses it. Why can't PDN?

    It just seems pointless to cut a feature.

  2. No, I'm not dead. :lol: Still cubing, now my pb is 13.53.

    Now for pix:

    The result of boredom. An 8x8.


    I was thinking of watermarking my artwork, but I'm still not sure. Either way here's my current idea:


    And of course with all the talk of windows 8 my mind's still on windows 9.


    And here's something i did for fun: