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  1. Try pitting federation starships against one another. That's an idea.
  2. Can you add more polls like this, but with the original series?
  3. Do any of you know where to find Paint.NET v1.0? I haven't been using Paint.NET for that long, and would like to see what the first version was like.
  4. Cool pix. Is there a tutorial for making these effects?
  5. I'm not asking for an older version, but is it possible to run paint.net v2.5 on windows 7? Just asking. Someone please post a reply.
  6. Well, is there a download for the manual?
  7. wouldn't it be more sensible to include the Paint.NET user manual with the software, rather than post it on the site and spend more money on server space?
  8. Has Paint.NET v3.6 beta been released yet?
  9. No. It hasn't even been started. I thought you said you had 6% of the code done over a year ago.
  10. Do any of you guys know a website that hosts Paint.NET v1.0? Like a legacy site for really old apps?
  11. windows with gradient. feel free to comment. I dare you to do a better drawing.
  12. I think a link for Paint.NET v1.0 should be put up. I am not posting this as a personal request, but as a way to honor Paint.NET and Rick Brewster's work. Also so people can see how much Paint.NET has changed over the years.
  13. Will brushes ever be added to paint.NET(e.g. Photoshop brush support , airbrushes, etc.)? If they were, it would make paint.NET a killer app, and I'm not over exaggerating. No offense, my friends say I'm obsessed with the program the way i always choose it over Photoshop, and it IS an advanced app with many powerful tools, but brush support for the core program(not a plug-in) would make it comparable to Photoshop and GIMP in ways it just can't be without. If the development team is reading this, please consider adding brushes to the core program in a future release. I'm sure a lot of other Paint.NET users would agree with me that brushes are a necessity, and simply must be added as a feature.
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