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  1. ok, the reason why i like the older version better then the new one is because it made my pictures look really good I can show you some of my work, but i don't think it's has any relivent to this topic and, i don't know how to post picture on here (im kinda a newbie on this)
  2. Ok i agree with you on that, it's a good point of having new version ok so what I'm trying to say is, I like the old version better then the new one
  3. yeah i know that, but it just didn't kinda worked the same as the v3.36
  4. Hey Pyrochild, I've been using this plugin since i first used paint.net (v3.36) the plugin you used on that version was the greatest, made a lot of my work with that plugin But the down side for this updated plugin is just not the same plugin as the one you made for the v3.36 To be honest, i find the plugin much better when you made it for the v3.36
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