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  1. Hey, you asked for feedback, and I provided it as I see it. Sorry if it touched a nerve. I'm still not clear on why you don't release the source. Is there a legal issue? Is it just a matter of protecting your IP? Anyhow, I think we agree on the following points: 1. PDN is not intended for editing files comprised of multiple images, such as icons. 2. There are other free applications that are designed to do this. 3. PDN's image editing capabilities are superior to these other applications. (I can't speak to commercial icon editing programs since I haven't used any) You must have thought s
  2. 1. A few2. The available features in icon editing apps I've tried pale in comparison to PDN, not to mention that I've grown accustomed to PDN's capabilities, particularly the use of layers. Since sampled resizing from big icon formats to smaller ones is generally not adequate for professional quality icons, I need to edit formats separately. Your utility, as is, makes this possible, and with no further changes it is still quite useful. However, it is annoying and time consuming to make changes in PDN, then save/load or copy/paste each layer into a different app for the purpose of creating the
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