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  1. That's the one that I have and for some reason, it hasn't been showing up. I'll see if there's anything more I can do. Right now, I've been getting by with using the fill option, zooming in with the layers adjustment, and then straightening the waves out with the Median effect.
  2. Is there a better way to create a set of diagonal or parallel running lines than the fill setting? It requires a lot of extra steps to get them to look smooth and bold. I used to use the Diagonal Lines plugin, but it won't show up in my effects menu anymore.
  3. Here's how I do it: 1. place the photo and shape on separate layers. Be sure to position the photo where you would want it in the shape. 2. Select the layer with the shape and using the Magic Wand Tool, select the inside of the shape. 3. Next, select the layer with the photo in it and go to Edit > Invert Selection. Once the selection has been inverted, press 'Delete'. OR 1. position the photo in the shape on a separate layer. 2. Select the outside area of the shape. 3. Select the layer with the photo and press 'Delete'. This is assuming that you've deleted any backgound that the shape has. Removing the white background is basically the same principle. Select the area outside of the shape and then delete it.
  4. I think it will eventually become the go-to program for beginning digital artists and a good side tool for the pro's. It has so many good features that make it stand out from photoshop, plus its free.
  5. Here's a free font that you can practice with: http://www.theleagueofmoveabletype.com/knewave If the surface is curved or tilted, you can go to Layers > Rotate/Zoom and adjust it to fit.
  6. The main barrier that I found that kept people from using it was that: 1. They didn't know about it. 2. No built in custom brushes. 3. No full pen/tablet support (At the moment). And that's pretty much it. I personally never cared for text layers, though.
  7. On the top toolbar (where File, edit, view, etc. are) there's a menu that reads "effects". Under that menu, there should be another called 'Blurs' and 'Gaussian Blur' should be in there. It comes with the software. Most of the plugins that you'll use or install will be under a category in the 'effects' menu or they'll be in the 'adjustments' menu. FYI, Effects are categorized based on what they do. for example, the distort menu has effects that distort the image and the 'color' menu has effects that will do something to the colors of an image. Effects also only apply to your selected area. If nothing is selected, it will just act as if the entire area of the canvas is your selection.
  8. PDN is an acronym for Paint.Net or Paint Dot Net. There are a few different techniques in this picture, but they're not too complicated to do. Its easier if you think of each graphical element as being on its own layer and then figuring out what effect is applied to it. For example,the picture of the phones would be one layer, the green lines would be another, the title text would be a layer, and so would the glossy reflection on the text. The green lines would be the most difficult part, in my opinion, but it can be done. Everything else pretty much the same as the runner; you would just add a motion blur behind it and a gaussian blur. The text would follow the same principles that are in this tutorial: I hope that helps!
  9. I like the second example. It would be a convenient feature, though I actually like having pop up in the center of the screen.
  10. What's the estimate of the number of layers you typically use? "A lot" is a bit vague. Judging by your PC specs, I don't see why it would take so long to save unless you're using tons and tons of layers. If I were to upgrade, I'd go with the processor, since it would be the component doing all of the work for building the save file, but I didn't develop this software so don't take my word for it.
  11. The way I make a Coat of Arms is pretty simple. Draw out half of the design using the line tool and then use the mirror plugin to mirror that side onto the other. If you can't draw the leaves or flourishes, there are brushes out there that you can use. Here's the plugin pack that has the Mirror plugins in it: I don't remember where I saw the coat of arm brushes, unfortunately, but if you can find a Coat of Arms outline, you could just cut out parts of it and use those.
  12. I counted at least 6 different shades for the skin tones in the example of the style you want, so it might be a good idea to keep that in mind when choosing your color palette. Also, be sure to keep different parts (ie face color, face shading, shirt detail...) in separate layers. It will make it easier to change them if you need to and will let you apply any color adjustments to individual pieces without a lot of hassle.
  13. I'm a bit confused. Are you trying to put the texture of a picture onto the shape, but still have the color of the shape?
  14. That plugin works really well. Saves me a lot of time from making the actual zigzags.
  15. How do you make a Chevron or ZigZag pattern in Paint.net? I was able to make one, but it was pretty difficult. I used the Diagonal Lines plugin to draw the lines and then used the Mirror plugin to make the actual chevron. I then just copied and carefully pasted to make the pattern. Is there an easier way to do this that would be more precise?
  16. I don't know if I'll be able to see them in 4.0, but I would like to see more options for text like choosing the different weights of a font or adjusting kerning. I'm not a pro at typography, but it would be nice. I'd also like to see more point to use with the line tool or being able to add points. Its not really that important, but it would be convenient.
  17. Just because something is free of charge does not mean it lacks in quality or quantity to that of something which is costly. Paint.NET's feature-set is decided by the free-time of the sole developer. If you apply additional coders and resources to the project for the same price, the result is the GIMP. Go download that if you're unhappy. Your comment reads as though you're unappreciative of the time and effort that is afforded to this program by said sole developer. I'm not unhappy or anything. I was just curious. A friend of mine just got a tablet PC with Photoshop so I was wondering if Paint.net was as good on a tablet as it is on a desktop. I didn't want to spend $1000+ to try something that wouldn't work.
  18. I've had Paint.net for a while now and I've seen some complaints about the new update not working well for tablets (you get what you pay for). But I was wondering if using a tablet to draw is any better than using a normal PC.
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