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  1. I'm not allowed to view the ultimate guide to tags? Apparently I'm "not authorised".
  2. Well, when I used to play Clubpenguin I forgot the password to my old account so I made a new one with this username and so the name stuck.
  3. C'mon guys. Put borders on your sigs. We don't need anymore eyesores on the forums. You all have the capability. Edit: The exception would be the ones that blend into the background.
  4. I am having trouble with Boltbait's Steganography plugin. Whenever I try to reveal an image, color or black and white, I get the revealed image but with scan lines as seen in the picture below. I have tried this with pictures that I encoded myself meaning this is a problem with the reveal image part. This problem seemed to have started when I installed 3.5.1. I have downloaded the latest steganography plugin. Any help is appreciated. Edit: Actually I found the problem. I feel like a complete idiot. It was that I actually didn't have the latest version. However, the version you downloa
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