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  1. cool would of been better if it was your own face tho
  2. hey make a Tut on how you did what you did too your cat because i want to mutate my dog lol ohh and make another Tut on how you made that imspiation pic i want to make one
  3. i will definetly do better in the future and one thing how do i turn :AntiAliasingOff: into :AntiAliasingOn:
  4. this is my first tut so take it easy on me lol. i have been reading through some threads and came across a thread that shows you how to turn yourself into gold ( viewtopic.php?f=12&t=32989 ) so these are the plugins you need: 1.Metallize viewtopic.php?f=16&t=30713 2. Color Balance viewtopic.php?f=16&t=3135 okay then here we go: 1.open up paint.net 2.paste a picture ohh what you want on top of your trophy 3.make the background transparent 4.Effects>>Photo>>Metalize and then it will look somthing like this 5.Adjustments>>colorBalence and then it will look somthing like this okay now youve made one part of the trophy,and you must now make the base. 6.new layer 7.paste a picture of what you want as the base of the trophy 8.make background transparent 9.Effects>>Photo>>Metalize and then it should look somthing like this 10.Adjustments>>colorBalence and it should look somthing like this 11.now add the top of the trophy on the bottom of it like this and your done paste yours on here and sorry about it being rubbish because its my first go
  5. Hutton


    i kinda went a little off course and messed up a few times. then i decided to personalize it so no one would notice the mistakes so this one is mine
  6. im sorry to have to burst your bubble but there is an easier and much faster way. i turned this into this using the smudge tool.
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