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  1. Third try. The first two are not so good. And I haven't quite got the hang of highlights.
  2. First: ...and second: My biggest problem is remembering which layer I'm supposed to be working on.
  3. Hi I've had Paint.NET for about a year, but until recently I've only used it for resizing images. Now I have a bunch of plugins and I'm having fun playing with them. Kind of like what I used to do with watercolour paints, but I don't have to wait for anything to dry, it doesn't make as much of a mess, and I don't have to store my 'experiments' on a shelf. I do not aspire to do anything very complicated or write tutorials, I just want to play.
  4. They do too! They are just a little ....empty They need to be filled with the experiences you can only get from using PDN daily for a few months. Hey, I resemble that remark! This is a fun tutorial. I could play with it for hours. Oh wait, I just did.
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