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  1. I agree with welshblue - too many 'rules' takes the fun out of it, and for me that's the most important part. I really don't care about winning, it's more about being involved. The competitions challenge me to think in a different way than I would normally, and try things I haven't done before. About voting, it's a lot easier to click on an entry than type out a PM. I know it doesn't take long, but for the chronically lazy, it can seem like a huge effort.
  2. I like the PM method for entries too. It's fun trying to guess who did which piece (even if I did guess them all wrong). I prefer not to PM my vote, because I don't like anyone knowing how I vote. But I'm funny that way.
  3. Thank you everyone! And congratulations to Welshblue, Barbie and j.d. I'll PM the next theme later (when I decide what it is. )
  4. Congratulations Barbie! (I like peas. )
  5. Congratulations Barbieq - way to go! And Sarkut and Welshblue too!
  6. I really don't like making phone calls. I'm an idiot on the phone! LOL Stock: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:1896_telephone.jpg
  7. Stock: http://ca.movieposter.com/posters/archive/main/67/MPW-33875
  8. Congratulations Sarkut and Sokagirl!
  9. Congratulations Sarkut! and Sokagirl!
  10. Well, it took a while, but I went from "not a clue" to "completely obsessed".
  11. Very cool, Yellowman. I've looked at the pictures, have a bit of a clue, and I'm thinking about it. It's a challenge.
  12. Maybe I will give it a try. I was playing with some photos I took last summer, but didn't really get anywhere. I have one small problem though - I cleaned up my hobby room, so now I have room, I'm spending more time with my Sculpey clay, and it's hard to tear myself away from it.
  13. I don't even know where to start. I just happened to be working on something that fit the last one. Sokagirl, I think yours qualifies. Combining images is sort of creating a new image, isn't it?
  14. Congratulations Yellowman! Thanks guys. I haven't posted here much, I don't really have anything constructive to say, except all your work is really cool. I've been learning a lot from everyone here, and thought it's time to join in the fun.
  15. Congratulations Yellowman! And thanks!
  16. Thanks Sarkut I just tried it and it worked! I've noticed in a few tutorials the plugin isn't quite the same, but I've been able to figure them out reasonably well. Except this one. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  17. I must be missing something too. I've tried this a few times and it still comes out the same. Method 1 works fine. In Method 2, after Edge Detect I have an all black picture. Alpha Mask doesn't seem to change anything. So I tried Invert Mask, and it deletes everything and leaves a blank layer. What am I doing wrong?
  18. Thank you Oma! I went a little crazy ~
  19. Thanks Helen. It took a few tries to get the gradient right, plus reading the instructions *carefully*. I'm having lots of fun with tutorials, and learning a lot too.
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