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  1. Sorry, I somehow posted two threads .
  2. Hey guys, JDmino here, I have started using Paint.net a lot recently. I have been practicing by making wallpapers. I lost a lot of them, but my most recent one remains. I did not draw the picture of L in this, I simply edited him in. If there is any problem with that, I will remove the image.
  3. Great tutorial. I managed to make this: With it. Great outcome, hope you make some more tutorials.
  4. It thinks the files are password protected! I have the latest Paint.net. When I unzip the file it asks for a password. EDIT: I redownloaded, and they are working now.
  5. Okay, thanks for the help. I will find the plugins that you suggested and install them. I will post what I can come up with when I am done. Thanks, JDmino
  6. G'day G'day, I am not sure if I was clear in the title, but what I am asking is, how do I make an background that has a really smooth repeat, so it does not look messy in websites etc.? And I am also currently looking for a good guide on how to make an ice texture, if someone wouldn't mind pointing me in the right direction. Thanks, *JDmino* EDIT: My question has been answered, there is no need to post in the thread. Thank you. I made this with the solution I was given: There is also another image I made in the last post I made.
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