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  1. Yes yellowman that occurs as well. I can't exactly get it to disappear completely all the time in the way that I was saying where even _while_ I am moving the cursor around it won't come back for a few seconds, but it does completely I just have to figure out how to replicate it.
  2. Not sure about the hard to see I have 20/10 vision according to NASA's physicians and my monitor is a Sony GPD-520 CRT, one of the best ever made for professional color work. My cursor never returns to visible until I move it around a whole bunch. Additionally this does not occur in Photoshop whatsoever when I re-size images and I can see the cursor fine. What is the point of showing the uncompressed size in memory? I thought the purpose of putting an estimated size would be to get an idea of the new file size if saved to the original format of the image.
  3. I noticed every time that I go to resize a picture, upon entering the new dimensions and telling it to save the changes, my cursor will dissapear for a few seconds before coming back. Additionally the new file size-estimator # is always several MB's higher than actual. Currently using 3.5.5 on W7 64-bit but this also occurs on Vista32.
  4. I used photoshop before and I remember the arbitrary rotate option was right next to the other rotate options. Would be logical to have it right there as well. I never thought to go to the Layer's to do that. Thanks for the answer though.
  5. Is there a way to rotate an image to an arbitrary degree value instead of just 90/180? It looks missing so I would request that this option be added in future versions of Paint.NET -Cheers
  6. I copied a screenshot I took from pasting in a print+screen of a video. When I go to use the rectangular select too the entire area where the video is inside the windows media player turn's black.
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