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  1. NICE,,tks that worked..and tks to the others that helped,,gr8 place,gr8 folks!
  2. when i right click the gif image i can't rename the file type,,tks
  3. How do i rename or change the file type. I've opened the pic folder that the gif is in and right clicked on the gif image and selected properties,but i cant change the file type. tks
  4. Hi..i guess i should of said an existing GIF and load it to PDN and have all the frames show up. When i load an exciting GIF i only get the 1st frame of the GIF. I did download that plugin you linked me too. thanks
  5. HI..Is there a way to load a GIF into paint.net where it will show all the frames of the GIF. thanks
  6. downloaded n it works just fine..tks rick
  7. same problem as above using ie n win7..n tks rick
  8. whallllllllll...so cool...perfect..thanks
  9. no i need to save the cut-out to a transparent back ground so i can use it as many times as i like,
  10. hi...if i cut my head out from a pic to paste to another body,,how can i save my head cut-out to use again on another couple of pics. lol tired of havin to cut my head out each time i put it on a pic. tks
  11. new guy here,,been using paint.net for about 3yrs,,,GR8 tool n the BEST,,allways my tks to you Rick for updating and keeping on top of things n for your Hard Work in doing so. is there a way to the opening boxes like effects-layers-adjustments,ect, so they dont open in the middle of my work so i dont have to move them each time to work. again tks tons Rick
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