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  1. D'oh that's what I forgot to do!
  2. OMG A BarbieQ25 tut! I've always wondered how you made your gems, time to take a crack at this meself! Edit: Here's my attempt: http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2010/343/e/3/jewelery_tutorial_outcome_by_kristopherc-d34k7dl.png
  3. OoOOo shiny new forums. I need to visit here more often methinks.
  4. Ohai, I gots a new computer, need to start making more in-depth stuff in PDN. How is everyone doing this fine wednesday night?
  5. Try Ed Harvey's Color Tint?
  6. I kind of wish it was spring so I'd be outside more... I've been stuck inside because of all the snow... Heh, I lost power Thursday night, and just got it back today. Its no fun, really. I kinda live on the internet/computer. At least I did get some reading done
  7. Here's my attempt. I kinda went overboard on the "Add a little chaos to it" but it turned out nice. I also tweaked the end results a little bit. And I think this tutorial would make a neat (Un-cut) gem with a few adjustments. Edit: Here are those "adjustments" (Really just Brightness around minimum, contrast around maximum, and a few sharpens, and of course different color tint); Ruby This one is with sharpen +, Emerald this one is with plain sharpen.
  8. Hello . I'm new (to posting) here (Been lurking the Tutorials/Plugins forums for a while before I joined) but not new to forums. I hope to get along with everyone here quite nicely.
  9. Found this somewhere, and I likey. First post too . I hope to stick around and learn a few more things about PDN here.
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