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  1. You download the zip, extract it, then go to your Program Files, find Paint.NET, then place them in your 'EFFECTS' folder. hth.
  2. Hey guys, During my short 1 year period with Paint.NET, I've had trouble rendering images. Not because I can't, but because the tools are not precisely that accurate. The lasso tool (or what other names it may be called by) stops when you click elsewhere. In most other programs (I've seen Photoshop do this), you can set a stop point while rendering an image, then continue, you don't have to keep the mouse selected the whole way through? You with me? Ok, I'm asking for a plugin, if there is one, or if one can be created, for such a rendering tool. It would make designing a whole lot easier for me, and I know the other experienced acquaintances may know of such a tool. :wink: If there is one, links would be greatly appreciated and cookies to whoever can help. Best regards, CheeZy Monkey <3 Hearts.
  3. Well, I think I will talk to myself now. Hi CheeZy. Hi. I like your fur. Aww, thank you. ... Yeah, I'm lonely.
  4. Hey, everyone. I'm new here; I would've made a thread... but I felt this would be better. So hi.
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