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  1. So you are saying that I should get a picture from a camera with a low resolution? Similar to a picture from a camera phone...or one from the olden times. I'm not sure of which one I should use. What I mean is try increasing the number of dots and keeping them closer together. This may help you understand the concept (What is DPI?): This shows some pictures showing how the dots look (What is Dot Pitch?): Dot pitch is the distance between the dots, if you have more smaller dots closer together then the resolution of the dots is higher so you can see more detail everything becomes clearer. What's missing here is the ability to see the details and that's partly because the size and number of dots and the Dot Pitch (how far apart the dots are spaced.) is far apart. It's the same reason an old computer display with low resolution and low number of color combinations or a picture with low resolution/less pixels doesn't look as clear and a simple one like from a game of pacman does.
  2. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Hmm I can't really perfect it. I did get it good with the apple, though. But as far as I was for doing a loving favor for my sister, I could not get it for real pictures no matter what I tried. ^My first attempt following everything you wrote^ ^My second attempt, changed the 'pixelate' settings a little^ ^My third and final attempt at a photograph, where I changed the brightness and tried to add barkbark00's so-called glassylook^ Is there any possible way to do the LiteBrite Effect on a photograph? it's probably the resolution of the dots. You know how they did in the old days leading up to todays higher resolution images they increased the number of dots/pixels compressed into a smaller area in an image to get higher resolution images. But maybe this could be done with the picture itself. Or maybe you could overlap another layer and use some form or masking technique so you can see the photo clearer on the dots. The dots are big and few so the resolution is low.
  3. How did you do the shiney dots, was it the same way you do glass buttons?
  4. This is a really cool effect, you could use it for something such as modern street light signs, imitating digital road advertisements (Digital Billboards), LED light patterns, recreating old Nintendo like animated images, some older style slot machine gaming elements, basic animated pixel object explosions, and several other little effects. Nice!
  5. That's a cool little effect thanks, I was wondering how to make the brush stroke paint streak look similar like that, I'm sure that could be used for several things such as high speed motion streaks of an object moving at high speed, weither it be a projectile, ship, or other object. Since it's very similar to creating metal brush strokes on a metal surfaced or paint, with some tweaking I'm sure that could be used to create a manually painted smearing effect on surfaces. This could even be used for something such as spray paint or brush strokes on a wall. So thanks gives me some ideas.
  6. This is so frustrating to me too I get the same exact problem, I'm trying to look at the tutorials listed on Wiki because they're so well structured and simple but it gives "You are not authorized to read this forum". Look how organized this is only 2 or 3 of the ones listed I've been able to look at anyone else able too?: ... /Tutorials
  7. To me it looks more like stucco or cieling popcorn than stone.