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  1. here is my try, i like it. anything i can do better on? ... etwall.jpg
  2. here is my go ,i like it. I think it is too big to post so, there is a link.
  3. nice tutorial, real easy to follow heres my go
  4. 5/10, to dark for my tastes, although it really looks nice. maybe a bit lighter
  5. i'm so stoked, PS3 plus borderlands and little big planet, and a new hd television for it. oh and super mario wii, yeah
  6. Thanks, not sure on a title, it's my name in elvish. maybe, Fires of Peace, or Elven pyre.
  7. I'm new to PDN and really the whole art thing so any cunstructive criticism would be nice .Not many images now because i don't have many, but i'll add more whenever I can. Signatures Hidden Content: Following Tutorials Hidden Content: Avatars Hidden Content: Other Hidden Content:
  8. heres my try, i don't think i got the guy quite right though :?
  9. i like, simple professional look, really creative. gonna go with 9/10 cause i'm sure something can be better.
  10. I like the one with the changed contrast, your current one is too, hmm, bright for my taste. The huge splash of white distracts me from the other subtle things you put in there. edit: changed 7/10 current 4/10
  11. i'm gonna try this, i'll post my result :shock:
  12. hmm, 8/10 Good idea, and it looks good. I just think it could be better,not sure how though. :?
  13. o, my bad, i forgot to rate it, oops. sorry everyone. I'd give it a 7/10. Easy simple look, yet really nice overall effect.
  14. A new one I just made, I don't really like it though. Any ways to make it better?
  15. here we go o btw 9/10 very cool background, plus i love zelda