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  1. Some little jaggys in some places, but whatever. I hope impossible shapes are allowed!
  2. Briamoth, I like your sig a lot! Along with being particularly glossy, and matching color-wise, it has a professional photoshop-like finish to it. I would only object to the text, which is a bit grindy campared to the rest of the tag.
  3. I sort of liked it when the selection line moved, but other than that, the whole program is only improved!
  4. Pretty cool. I understand that the object of the avatar is to be simple and smooth, but it is sort of excessively so. 7/10.
  5. I have made lots of pixel art in paint.net. This is my best, and absolute favorite:
  6. Well, I can't really do anything about that now. So you think I should use less in the future?
  7. I made this sig before I signed up here. What do you think of it? As most of you would probably know just by looking at it, I used sharp's line sig tutorial. Note: I am not new to the program, and have been using it for a considerable amount of time.
  8. Hello! I just joined, nad after having had looked at this tut and made a sig, I thought I'd post here and show you what I made (in my signature now).
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