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  1. It's because Japan is more advanced than us and it's practicly made there.
  2. Yeah, when u get older it's time to move on. I still go online and that stuff though
  3. Whoops, i forgot, i forgot that i edited the page and deleted things when i was in a hurry. I don't have much time 4 things anymore
  4. Yours, I like how you made the render glow away from the dark but i don't like the render that much and needs a different border effect, It's not my kind of graphics but it's good 71/2 /10
  5. I thought the tut was going to be bad because of it's name. Tuts should have a descriptive name, shouldn't it? I like that tut, it was good, but it needs a better name. And yes, noobs have half empty of a brain but it needs to be filled with experience with the newb playground.
  6. Do you guys have any tips for my site? www.thegamersparadise.wetpaint.com
  7. I'm with Dark Shock with this one. I used to be so much of a gamer i used to shout at the TV at times when i was younger. I have more work now since i'm in middle school so i don't have as much time as i did. My wii broke, I'm surprised my PS2 is still wotking, my DS (orginal gray) broke, My DS lite I don't play anymore. I'm more into playing with my friends in my neighborhood.
  8. I like the render you used, it goes great with the background! The text goes perfectly with where it is in front of the background. The border doesn't show too much 7/10 Rate: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________
  9. You know what i don't get? Is that every time a reg user makes a tut that only has 3 steps or less, It ends up getting locked. And this one only has 2. Don't get me wrong, this is a great one, But it's like we have to like the top userers tuts
  10. Very useful background when creating planet and outerspace
  11. I did, and i got what they said. But i only see 3 curves going to the right in the picture
  12. How do i delete plug ins. I have too many renders and distorts.
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