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  1. When I saw this plugin, I got excited because I use Google Image Search frequently. But alas, like the last few posters here, it didn't work for me either. *Sigh*......
  2. Here is my 1st and 2nd shots at this. I think they came out alright, I just can't decide which one I like better. Here is the original shot: Here is my 1st attempt, w/o any color in the rosebud: And here is the 2nd attempt with color in the rosebud: I hope you all like 'em. I don't know if I used the "effects" properly or not because I think they aren't as vivid as they were originally. They look nice, but I don't think that they have that "pop" that maybe they could.
  3. *rubs head, pats belly* Ahhh.....all better now. Thanks. Well, I took all of the advice given, and tried to input it in. I think I need more practice getting the erasing down, because I think I took a few too many pixels out that shouldn't have been removed. But, for what I'm doing, (and who I'm doing it for), this'll do. If anyone has any other thoughts, I would appreciate them. Oh, and before I forget, Zookey, I've never actually "seen" a good, middle of the winter, outdoors wedding in Minnesota, but if you ever do, let me know how they stayed warm. Maybe "Ollie & Lena" had one? HAHA
  4. First off, I'm sorry about posting in the wrong area. I didn't pay enough attention to where I was at, and will do so in the future. Secondly, I thought, (and again, I may have something not set up correctly, so forgive me in advance) I was supposed to get an e-mail notification if, and when someone posted a reply to my little thread here. Hmmmmm........I just checked, and switched them all to "immediate", so that might help. :-) On to the issue at hand, shall we? I was giving this problem I'm having some "thought" of my own, so if this makes no sense, chalk it up to either naivete, or my "noob-ness", but both of these pics are obviously taken decades apart from each other. And with differing cameras, and I thought that maybe the "content" alone might be making a difference. Is there a chance that because the 1st photo, (of Dennis and his bride) being much larger, and thus the pixels would be larger, and trying to "stuff" him in to a newer, smaller pixelated photo, might be causing some of these issues I'm having. I guess what I'm trying to say is, if I re-size the larger photo FIRST, and then cut Dennis out, (and use all of the aforementioned advice, also) won't that help? Or is that just plain dumb, and I should just run with the advice already given, and be happy? I'm just thinking that if the pixels are closer in size to begin with, that maybe they won't be as much of an issue to work with. Brilliance? Or do I get a pat on the head, and sent back to my desk? ;-)
  5. BTW, here is the pic that I could create, just to show what I'm talking about. The pixelation is mostly up and down the bride's arm: However, it does appear all around the outline of Dennis.
  6. I am trying to cut a guy out of his wedding photo, (I know, I know) and merge him in to his sons wedding photo. However when I merge the two together, the original is really pixelated around the edges where it's in contact with the new one. Here is what I'm working with: This is Dennis in his old wedding shot. (She's literally no longer in the picture. HAHA) NOW, she's no longer in the picture: This is his sons wedding pic: And here is the goal, sort of: I can post a shot of what I'm "getting" after I merge Dennis into his sons shot if needed. What I've been doing, is starting with his sons shot, importing the cut-out of Dennis, and after positioning him, I adjust the transparency so that I can see his daughter-in-law through him. Then, using the eraser tool, (I've blown the pics up to about 1,600 x original), I erase Dennis from his sons shot. I then reduce it down to 100%, and I get a fairly decent shot, but as I said, where I've erased Dennis, you can clearly see the square pix-elation of him. I'm wondering if I'm starting out with too large of an original photo of Dennis, or if I need to "blur" it somehow BEFORE I start erasing him from the merge. Other than that, I'm completely stumped. I'm rather new to all of this, but I've spent some time reading around before posting this, so I may have just overlooked something I'm unaware of. And advice would surely be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. I see.....said the blind boy...Thanks you guys. It worked perfectly AS you all knew it would!
  8. Hi there. I don't know if THIS is exactly what you're trying to accomplish, but I'm trying to do the same thing you are I think, so here it goes. I was trying to eliminate the black background from this pic: What I did was, on the "Colors" tool in the bottom left-hand corner, I expanded the "More" option. Then in the lower left-hand corner of THAT tool box, I clicked on the very tiny transparency box. (see image below) Then I adjusted the "transparency alpha" to 255, for maximum effect. The next tool I used was the Paintbucket, (from the "Tools" box in the upper left hand corner). I set the tolerance rather low (21% for MY pic) so as to "fill" in everything around my subject, and NOT the subject itself, and then left clicked on the outside of the subject itself, but inside the edge of the actual pic. So, in MY instance, I clicked on the black background. (I hope that makes sense to you. I'm rather new to this also). Fortunately, for me, this filled in, ( or rather, eliminated all of the black background) and then I just chose "Save As" from my File tab, and proceeded on from there. As I said before, I don't know if this will work EXACTLY as you need it, but at least it might be a start for what you want to accomplish. Here is my final shot. Good Luck! Odean
  9. Sarkut, you are not only a genius, YOU'RE MY HERO! Thank You, again.....(this time, I'm bookmarking the page)
  10. I have cut out a picture of a rose using the ellipse tool. It is now in the shape of a circle. All I want to do is fade the edges of it, so they are blurred. I know this is most likely a VERY easy thing to do, and I have been searching everywhere in the forums, and tutorials for help, BUT I CAN'T FIND ANYTHING THAT STAYS ON TOPIC, OR HELPS.....I, quite honestly am sick of looking. I'm sick of reading posts that are WAY off topic. I give up. Please help. I know I looked for this before. I know I actually found how to do this before. And I just give up. I'm sick of looking..........I can't find it even in my own posts. I don't know why. Maybe something has changed, or some of my posts have been erased. I don't know. All I know is, IT'S NOT WORKING FOR ME.
  11. I found this article in a blog that I get on my Facebook account. It looks like a pretty interesting way to "change up" the normal boring (IMHO) Facebook profile page. However, beings I'm still new at this, I can't figure out how to "convert" the tools used in the article or on the Youtube video by the original author, to those used in PDN. I'm hoping someone here might be interested enough to help out. Here is a snip from the article of the look I'm going for. This is NOT me. LOL Thanks! Odean
  12. Sarkut did help me tremendously. Therefore there was no reason for this explanation. But since you insist, please allow me to explain my feelings on the matter as well. My "level of understanding" might have been more evident by at least noticing the # of posts I've made, or by digging further, and looking into the posts I've made. I've made some of the dumbest mistakes, and am admittedly one of the biggest Newbs this site probably has on it. My computer skills, however are higher than that. I just need to learn this wonderful new toy you all have created for us. As noted in the previous, now closed topic, I explained that I did look into the help topics, and researched this as best I could with the tools available. I feel that many of the topics closed, shouldn't be for the simple fact that, even though, and thankfully, PDN is ever changing, and improving, "old" knowledge and tips don't die. And they may in fact be a treasure trove of information for someone. In any forum I've ever visited regarding these enjoyable, yet sometimes frustrating little boxes we play on, not on one of them do the owners void, or close a thread because the topic becomes outdated. In fact THIS one is nothing more than a re-creation of the previous one that I posted on. Which by the way, I found by performing a search on THIS site. In that search, where I obviously was looking for this topic, I found it by entering the query for "side by side pics". My answer that I found was on the SECOND page. The previous entries had either nothing, or next to nothing to do with the actual using of the product to the end I was searching for. Hmmmmm..... To end, if one reads Sarkuts very helpful advice, it is clearly noted that he was attempting to respond to MY post, when in fact at that time, it was closed. He therefore WAS going to help me, wherever I posted, in an old post or new. I am just thankful that this is an option, to what is clearly, a great tool! Thank You to all!
  13. I'm doing this job sort of "pro bono", in return for time-share. If you're ever planning a trip up to near Brainerd, MN, I can probably hook you up!
  14. As expected Sarkut, You've come through AGAIN! I was a little thrown off at first because I was resizing my canvas from it's normal 800 pixels to 1600. Then when I'd open MY pic, everything would re-size to 2200. When I realized that my pics were just larger, I started over, and resized my canvas at 4400. After a little editing, this is what I've come up with: Thanks again for your help, and most of all your patience and time! I'm certain that dealing with newbs on a daily basis takes a LOT of both..... P.S. I did however just find out that when I "move" the pic, a "finish pixels" step performs, and then all of my editing choices are ended. It's as though the pic has been saved, and is complete. Any thoughts on this aspect would be appreciated.
  15. I am just trying to get a before and after look of some renovations that I'm helping with. The previous instructions were soooo vague, as to what to do, they were unhelpful for someone who doesn't work with this program everyday. Telling someone, "Your canvas will need to be large enough to accomodate both images side-by-side", does nothing, except point out the obvious. Closing a post because it's "too old" does nothing but deny people the benefit of help that's already been posted. MY point is this. HOW do you get a pic on one side, and another pic on the other side? The instructions on the denied post are TOO vague because not all of us use this program every single day. I've read thru the help tutorials also. I've tried to "resize" my canvas to "2x the width" as I was told to do, and it didn't work. Do I leave the aspect ratio intact? Do I just type in the width in the pixels dimensions and let the system adjust the width accordingly? Do I reposition the placement of the pic to the center-left for the "before" shot, and the opposite for the "after" one? When I try and utilize the information that has been closed due to age, I get a small pic in the top left of my canvas, and a small pic in the top right of my canvas. If I "merge" these together, what am I supposed to do with the left-over canvas at the bottom? How do I make this all "appear" to be roughly the same size as the original pics were, instead of two very miniaturized ones? Thanks very much for your help, and I'm sorry if this is too naive or dumb sounding for everyone else.
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