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  1. There should really be a plugin that does that. Thanks for your input guys!
  2. Thank you, Ive done that. Aligning myself with the arrow keys, but hell...Thats a lot of work and takes time I dont have. Thanks for the tip, gonna try that plugin.
  3. So, i'm making Metallica bootleg covers for MetCoverart.com but I cant figure out how to align the text like f.eg in Word. When you get the text perfectly aligned per line. I've tried using the normally appropiate button, but that does nothing. And I've tried the Align Object plugin without any good results. Any ideas or know-hows? Thanks. (Might post a few covers for show off later.)
  4. I LOVE the Polygonal Transparency plugin! With it had more Control Points though.
  5. Thank you. It's potential coverart for a local band. The orb is Metallica! All time favourite band.
  6. Havent posted here before, but I was SO satisfied with these that I need to to show 'em off. The first pic are made with different tuts I found here. 99% PND. The skull is stock. This second one is just a...Something. I'll post more later.
  7. Hi I've been hovering around these forums for some time now reading and downloading every plugin available. But now I've got a question. I wanna make bulletholes on skin, angled. Anyone of you guys have any input on how - Would be helpful.
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