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  1. I have uploaded string.da and the aboutfile at my website, if anyone want to see my translation, then click on this link: http://www.aigis.dk/tmp/pn_da.html
  2. Now I have translated Strings.3.da.resx and I have checked it for errors with ResxCheck which does not return any errors. And then I compiled the file with resgen which generated PaintDotNet.Strings.3.da and it worked in PaintNet. There are still few semantik errors and I will proofread the file soon. The about-text have I also translated. The last text I should translate is the help-file, but how important is it? When I try to use PaintNET in other languages (spanish, French and German) the help-file is shown in english and the Microsoft translator suggest to translate in any language I wish. My question is - should I translate the help-file? And if the answer is yes, where do I got the source-file?
  3. Now I have downloaded the strings.resx-file and have made some changing of the values. Now I want to test the file. The translationspack.txt tells that I should use resgen.exe for compiling the resx-file and the resgen.exe should be in translationpack.zip. But I can not find translationpack.zip, please give me a link, so I can download translationpack.zip?
  4. I want to make a danish translation of Paint.NET, but how do I do that? I have found the language-files (C:/programs/paintnet/PaintDotNet.Strings.3) and have open the file in notepad, but there must be an easier way to translate the file. Do any one here know a tool or something else which can be used to translate paint.NET to other languages? When I have succeed with the translation, then it will be free for everyone, like the rest of Paint.NET. with regards Klaus Ankerstjerne http://www.aigis.dk (I have made a danish paint.NET-tutorial, if you are interested, then look at this link: http://www.aigis.dk/it/paintnet/paintnetguide1.html )
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