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  1. Hi there jxp Unfortunately the download link on the page you linked me to is gone, is there any other way I can download it? Kind regards Kristof
  2. Hi there, Ego Eram Reputo I've thoroughly tried out both of those in the past, but unfortunately enough neither of them did the trick for me. I haven't found the function anywhere in the Scriptlabs Batch Processor and converting the files with Infranview results in a very messed up background. Somehow it transforms a bunch of background pixels into another colour. Kind regards Kristof
  3. Hey there jxp So you're intending to build a plug in for it? Wow, that's great. It's the one thing that bothers me about paint.net and I'm sure I'm not the only one...anyway, I'm wishing you best of luck when building it. Kind regards Kristof
  4. Hi there I'm building an online game and I'm in need of graphics, I opted to use animated .gif files to do that. I have a large resource of images that I can use to make the animated .gif images with and there's only two things that have to happen to them. The first thing is the making transparent of the background (Which I use the colour to alpha plug-in for) and save them as a .gif file (the original ones are .bmp). Now you might say, "Well, that's not a lot of work" and although that's true for 1 or 5 or even a 100 of them, it isn't exactly right in my case...I have a rough 10'000 images that need to be "processed". Basically, the thing I'm looking for is a fast way to save the images as another file format, at least a faster way than going to File/Save as/etc. I've been looking on google for plug-ins but haven't found any and there are no bmp to gif converters that do the job as good as paint.net does...but like I said, it's definitely too time consuming. Any advice from you guys? Kind regards Kristof
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