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  1. @ barbieq25 Hey I thank you for your compliments and critique, I will work at it.. I know thumbnails would be better for my wallpapers. I will remind your tips! Really thanks for the time you took to help me. By the way; I really like your sig. @ LJXD Yes I like the orange one, too. I love the tool 'Dent'. @ henrygrik Thank you! I see you are new. I would like to see some work of you too!
  2. Hey, PDN-community! Im from Germany and I looked for a programm to make wallpapers and stuff like that, so I found PDN. After a time of making noob-wallpapers I decided to look for tutorials, so I found this forum. I hope I will learn here Cheers!
  3. I did use transparency, i dont know why it didnt work, i'll try it again later, but thanks. And good luck at trying to do my sig.
  4. I love your work flip, your sigs are awesome.
  5. Good that you like them. True, they are easy. But i will get better with the time.
  6. Wow, after i saw your gallery and ur help to me, i became your fan
  7. I think it doesn't, maybe i will change over later but for now im happy with the url's. It looks good for me like that.
  8. @ nab Thank you very much, this will help me making my galery neat. EDIT: Im having problems finding a thumbnail link for my pics. i think i will just make links of the pictures.
  9. http://img402.imageshack.us/i/fractal.png/ http://img402.imageshack.us/img402/7662/fractal.th.png Those are the correct links, bdjony, you need a HTML-Crashcourse.
  10. Hey, I like it. I usualy dont like 'fire-pics' but yours is cool.
  11. I like it, but i dont like the colours you used, maybe because i like dark-stuff more.
  12. Two new Pictures (am i allowed to bump if i made new pictures?)
  13. Yes Paint.Net is very easy to understand, i always had problems with other programs, but it was very easy for me to get used to Paint.Net. Paint Dot Net is the second programm i start after i turn my PC on, so I think and hope I will make more and better pictures, everyday.
  14. Thanks, I think i will get better when im around on this forum, so you will see better work of me later.
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