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  1. I guess you mean the one with the red spirals. It's a Windows font, I didn't download it. It's called ''Nasalization'', if you don't have it, I'll send you.
  2. Thank you, well and to the "I dont like Oasis"... I won't attack you.
  3. Yeah superman is amazing but I surprisingly finished the guitar in one sitting. wow ... did you look at a picture or a real guitar?
  4. I love your Spacescape, the red planet looks very nice, its cool to see planets colourfull.
  5. Nice work, Superman is my favourite, even if the guitar looks like more work.
  6. The Wolfves are awesome, even if I usually don't like drawn pictures, and the effect the background engenders is very nice too. I wan't to see more. Please keep it up.
  7. new signature and new wallpaper happy new year
  8. 4 New Smallpapers + Wallpaper (Thumbnail is coming)
  9. I meant the pic's below. http://i219.photobucket.com/albums/cc39/hlnl56/truckwebsite.png http://i219.photobucket.com/albums/cc39/hlnl56/okie2-1.png
  10. I thought it because of the business card logo and the homepage.
  11. Wow BoltBait, it really works. To give this thread some happiness ill maybe upload my try tomorrow.
  12. Wow you must have been doing this for ages, really goodn work, my favourite ones are the apple and the birdsnest, i love 'em. Do you do Media Design as your job?
  13. It looks like you spend a lot of time making your pictures, I like your work. They have got love in it.
  14. Thank you OMA I use it as my wallpaper, I like it too Glad you like my gallery.
  15. New picture: of myself (Other Stuff) Not really good edited but it's okay.
  16. You are very good at making ''glass things''. They look very realistic and clean. Especially the one in your avatar.
  17. Wow, your pictures are great! What I like most are the signatures and the spacescapes(I usualy dont like 'em.).
  18. @ Frontcannon ... @ Barbieq25 Who cares. Thanks
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