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  1. I just need some help with this image map. Okay I don't really know how to creat image maps, is there a tutorial on how make one? Or can someone help me? please?
  2. Okay well I all the way up to the last step where you go into the glass box and use the magic wand to select the box, then you go into the shadow box and delete it? im having trouble because when i do that the picture goes blue and the box is still there in grey
  3. the plugins on this thread im posting on. people keep telling me to extract that files then place it in the effects folder...i don't even know what their talking about. ive looked everywhere for these effects folders...and im so lost....
  4. yes, but i dont have his kind of system. i've got this newer version i'll give a screenshot
  5. um how do you install the plugins? like how do you extract it? i don't understand how you can use the plugins in paint.net
  6. okay well, i downloaed paint.net a few weeks ago and at first i was just experimenting with it, etc. then after a few days, i got tired of the same old boring effects, etc. so i wanted to download a plugin. but when i went to open it, or use it however, i couldn't. it kept saying the image type if not recognized and cannot be opened. i need help please!! also im on firefox and thats where i downloaded it from.
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