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  1. Unzip file and save to folder C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects, run Paint.Net
  2. This filter make sharpen blurred images. For refocusing uses algorithm with deconvolution element. Use for recovery small defocused photos. Locate in menu Effects->Photo->Refocusing Simple Deconvolution. RefocusingSDe.zip
  3. Relate satandart Layers->Zoom/Rotate 1. By click up/down arrow was change to 0.01 degree. 2. For background uses back color.
  4. Rotation Bilinear Precision rotation with bilinear algorithm. Possible set rotation center and roi support. Download from http://www.unicontel.com/Filters/RotationBilinear.zip developer site: http://www.unicontel.com RotationBilinear.zip
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