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  1. The video editing kit floods your videographical creations with communist propaganda advertisements. I wish I had a muffin cannon, to shoot at hobos.
  2. You have the candy. Unfortunately, the candy comes with a free sample of arsenic. I wish there were more sea otters in the world.
  3. You got the moives, but you don't got the goil. >.> I wish people would play this game correctly.
  4. Your wish is granted, but you accidentally undo your wish for an undo/redo function, thereby nullifying your botched undo (which you can't redo). I wish that nobody replies to this.
  5. You don't go to school, 'cause you're expelled. (^_^') Hehehe, care to clarify on this 'un, Mike Ryan? I wish I had a thousand dollars.
  6. Sorry, only three consonants... needs to be four. Please take a look at the rules on page one. Back to scattered. Gah, I think I missed that one. Sorry. scattered :arrow: cluster
  7. This is really fun to play with, and even more fun to legitimately alter pictures with. I'll have to make an obligatory "Will it Blend?" parody video.
  8. ^ sits upon a throne of lies < crouches upon a rug of lies v is a rug of lies
  9. Alright. Since I don't exist, then logically I must never have joined this forum, hence you could not have replied to my post, thereby never wishing I never existed. How's that for convoluted, paradoxical logic? I wish the person above would be smart enough to understand what I posted.
  10. So here's how things went down- 1. You gave the daisy to someone you were going out with. 2. There was a bee in the daisy. 3. Your significant other is allergic to bees. 4. ??? 5. Old meme! I wish that people on here would make coherent posts that weren't unbearably silly. Uh, me included.
  11. scattered :arrow: group Hot *insertexpletiveherecoughcoughcough*, I was tempted to say "a bunch of people wearing V masks".
  12. I'm not sure where the picture is from, actually. It was sitting disused on one of the computers I was connected to by LAN, and I liked the feel of it, so slap-bang it went on my desktop. Which I barely see anyways. >.>
  13. I wish the person above had posted a wish.
  14. Hey, guys. I've recently begun using the paint.NET port for Linux through Mono. I was pretty apathetic about using a specific freeware graphics program since I switched to Linux, and trundled along quite happily with the version of GIMP that came bundled with it. I did, however, meet and become friends with avid paint.NET user and tester, so I thought I'd give it a shot. Since I'm about to have to install Vista, I figured I should give the old C# book, er, PDF, a good dusting and find a new outlet for my boredom-induced programming binges.
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