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  1. Thanks all! ^-^ And pdnnoob, okay I'll do that hehe
  2. Well, here's the final image. Not much has changed though. But a big thanks to all who helped! ^_^
  3. @hexratt I inspired someone?! =D Btw, how did you do the fuse? I've been trying but I can't seem to figure it out. @pdnnoob Will do!
  4. Lol, that red thing is supposed to be a vein(?) (not sure either); kind of like in those cartoons when someone gets irritated or angry and their veins pop out hehe. There is an example picture, but it's not detailed and I'm trying to make a 3D version of it. Yes it's an old school bomb =P. I will take that info for future pictures thanks .
  5. Hmm...Well, what do you guys think? For me, it doesn't look real enough.
  6. Well, here's mine, I think I'm a little late here since the last post was on Nov. 16..But oh well.
  7. ooh nice tutorial thx!! I saw this and figured I'd give it a shot, I'm new to Paint.NET and of course the forums. So tell me what you think
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