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  1. Wow that took 50 hours to render? Sheesh I would have just canceled it after an hour! Good thing you didn't, 'cause that's pretty amazing
  2. Entry for AOTW #9 added.
  3. Grats csm! Now what is the next theme going to be?
  4. Isn't it? There's also a Windows 7 song, and remixes and more songs...basically it's windows sounds galore!
  5. Nice. I love relaxing music like that, I like how it starts out calm, then it gradually builds up, and back down to calmness again. Nice taste in music! I give it 9.5/10. Jedi Mind Tricks - Before the Great Collapse
  6. http://www.youtube.c...feature=related Windows XP song! It's actually decent lol
  7. Lol frontcannon! What, those two words can't go together?
  8. Would you be interested in cyberpunk? I guess you can call it a sub-genre of Sci-Fi. To quote: "Cyberpunk is about expressing (often dark) ideas about human nature, technology and their respective combination in the near future." And I found a site that lists movies, books, shows, etc., relating to cyberpunk. Here's the site: Cyberpunk Review.com
  9. Oh right, well it was made in Apophysis, and edited in PDN (of course). But the rest is made in PDN ^-^. Oh and thank you! I posted another one that was made 100% PDN.
  10. Thank you Helen! Another thank you for that tut! Uploaded new image under 3D. It's my first spacecape!
  11. oops I forgot to rate your song! 9.98/10 for Revolver I also like whispers, 111, and REM sleep research. I've been looking around and Kettel has some songs that are similar to Ochre; Goodbye in September, Sentiment, Why aren't we talking?, and Kitana are just a few that come to mind ^_^
  12. Added two new images. A dock interface and a sig for SOTW 43!
  13. Simply incredible! I've been listening to Ochre since you posted this. I kept forgetting to respond though. Just everything seems to in harmony and gives you sense of space travel!
  14. Wow I just checked out your dA, and holy fudgesicles, they're amazing! Beautifully amazing work bq!
  15. When is the winner going to be announced?
  16. Why thank you bq! I did enter in one competition, and I see that you entered too Thanks Sozo! And that orange icon is a dragonball
  17. Thanks welshblue! I was thinking that also but I decided not to. Appreciate it pyro! And yeah, that plugin is one of my top favorite plugins
  18. Here's a siggy based off the talented IDM band...Ochre! Stocks used: Lucid Dreams by DarinK, Clear Day by ladyrapid EDIT: The link didn't work, so I fixed it. I did not make any modifications to the entry though.
  19. Hmm alright I'll check it out Cool thank you! I didn't realize these pics were relaxing, that's nice to hear
  21. @ Possum Lol! They're not thaaaat bad But I appreciate it! Thanks possum! ^_^ And yeah I don't post very often, I joined last year and only 11 posts lol @Chrisco Thanks, you did help on the bomb so...of course it would be awesome.
  22. Art has been on haitus for a while (over a year). I might not get back to it.
  23. Frontcannon, well it is calming, very calming (won't mind having it on my iPod) but nothing really changes throughout the entire song and it just sounds like a loop playing over and over again except when it was transitioning from the intro to the rest of the song. But still I like it so...7.2/10 East Coast Avengers - Lady Liberty This is a political hip hop song so it's not the usual hip hop you hear being played on the radio.
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