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  1. Well US copyright laws are outrageous...Look what the music industry did to Napster. Who knows what lengths companies will go to? D:
  2. http://i746.photobucket.com/albums/xx103/KevKillz7/desktop.png If you say so...It's nothing special. Too bleh.
  3. Thanks, now all I need to do is work in the star/lightning thing hehe.
  4. Interesting logos man, glad to see things are working out for you .
  5. Ouch, hope you get better within the month .
  6. Slaughterhouse Five (or The Children's Crusade: A Duty-Dance with Death) by Kurt Vonnegut. It goes all over the place!
  7. Close to an hour song. The whole album is just this one song, but it had to be split into 6 parts because of youtube's limit. It's pretty calm
  8. But just because it's popular, does that mean they're good? The only mangas i got into were Ghost in the shell, Cowboy Bepop, and DBZ. What other mangas are there besides the obvious ones? I just got into manga
  9. If you're looking to manipulate it, may I point you to this thread? It could help
  10. How can we add a little spice to this game?
  11. @jackpelter Yeah it happens to everyone at some points lol.
  12. It's the update of EER's plugin. EER and Cookies worked together on this one...If you click on the link at the top of the page, you will see.
  13. U.S.O's anyone? Stock: http://i183.photobucket.com/albums/x25/Triipinkid/stinsignia_class.jpg
  14. Ah I forgot about those stubborn copyright laws...But you're not really breaking any copyright laws; We're not making money off any of these, and we're giving credit to the original maker of the logo.
  15. Yeah, but you can also make a new logo if you prefer. I was thinking it can be any size from 150*150 and onwards. But of course if it's bigger than 800*600 you should link to it. Like you said stocks are allowed, but everything else has to be original (except the name). And I guess the rest of the rules should be pretty much the same as the *OTW comps... No crude / offensive language, pics, etc. Only one entry per person. Minor modifications are allowed after you post, but PM the host telling what changes you want to make. If the host finds it too major, you can't make changes and will just have to deal with it. You will only have one time to ask, you can't ask for a 2nd time. You must post the URLs to any and all stock images used in the image. You may not post previously made images. Any other questions PM the host, or post in the discussion thread. And that's all. Oh and if this goes through, can the first theme be what you said Possum? P.S. It should run for 2 weeks, other than weekly or monthly (Bi-Weekly Logo Contest? (BWLC)). Sheesh I've made a lot of edits to this post...
  16. My opinion exactly, I always get bored of more modern games. In fact I bought a Nintendo 64 at a flea market 2 weeks ago to relive the fun I had with it lol.
  17. Wow I'm surprised this doesn't have much recognition, it's a great plugin! You will save me a lot of time! Thanks!
  18. Appreciate the comments Chrisco, Axle, and Cortez. And Axle, what do you mean by cutting? O.o I didn't cut the eyes from the shirt if that's what you mean..lol. Cortez, I like the concept of it. Clean job with cutting out the building and the person and nice job with the lines on the left hand side . But something about the text is odd. But great job overall. Some people may not like the monotone of it, but I like the use of monotone.
  19. On a different note I have an idea. A competition to design a new logo for anything or modify an existing logo. I don't know how to word it, so if any of you know what I'm trying to get at, please explain it better . The themes could be specific to a single group/company/etc. or a general category (ex. restaurants, political parties, electronic stores, etc.).
  20. Feliz cumpleaƱos bbq! May you have a nice and relaxing one! yay!
  21. Yeah I couldn't fit the whole thing...I'll try to make another one where I can fit everything in, but I don't want to make the eyes smaller .
  22. So I whipped up this one in 2 hours trying to get it just right. I wanted to replicate a design on a shirt I have, which is below. Pretty close right?
  23. I got 2nd place ^-^, not bad for the 2nd comp I entered yay!
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