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  1. Zanga! totally forgot about that plugin I had! Thanks! Rick... I wasn't suggesting that the program organize the fonts by themselves? I was suggesting that it give us the ability to put certain fonts into groups...
  2. Over past couple of days, I've been having a bit of trouble with a couple things: I have the beta release build 3.50.3572.37539, although these aren't bugs, they are a tad annoying! 1. Whenever I want to position an object in an exact place (like 1004px, 1280px, 1680px, 1024px) in the canvas, it refuses to place it there, it jumps around the point. I eventually get there when I zoom in to the pixel level and move the object! Suggestion: once you select an object, a positioning box appears with x-y values which you can edit and move the object to the coordinates you provided... 2. Tiling! I would love it if there was a way we could tile images easily! 3. Smallcaps (someone else said it)! 4. Font Groups? Let the user define font groups and how to sort them? I have a heterogeneous selection of fonts! I want to say, I've had much fun watching this program grow and have enjoyed learning how to use it! Feel free to hijack my thread and post any other ideas similar, either how to display, or just general ideas...
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