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  1. Hey, I have another little Question... I don't know how this "effect" is called so I could'nt use the search.... Sorry about that ^^ This Picture is on the left lighter than on the right... Can you tell me how it's called an how to make it? Or show me any Tutorials /plugins?
  2. Does this picture move? hypnotic x_x I know... it's not moving, it's just an illusion XD Looks very well But, how'd you made this one? this very nice illusion~ *I like it* (I should'nt say it that often.. or? xD) Look's a bit like fire or? I can't imagine any other thing's than fire... xD Fire... Fire.... FIRE!!!!!! x_x Well... I think i'm a bit proud of the 1st picture, I like it very much! But, I really don't know how other people think about it.. so please.. tell me ^^ 1. 2. 3. Well... That're "Im BORED" picture's I think... I hope their not to big oO (If there's any problem to read my text: Sorry but I'm German, I dont know waht's "wrong" or "right" )
  3. No problem, thank you.... I will ask you if I don't understand it..
  4. Huhu.... Sorry but I'm german, so it won't be easy to understand me xD.... I have a little question. Someone asked me to make a banner for her, but she wants something I'd never done. So I have to learn it ... so, how to make moving Words? Every letter should move, understand? Citation: "if the letters could bounce a bit" and every letter in an other colour.. but I think that won't be that problem^^
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