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  1. For vista, just extract files to desktop, right click the file and click on install?
  2. Kinda nice. Dont know how to do it. 8. Rate my new Version.
  3. I like it. Im going to use it. EDIT: Struggling with that Alpha Mask... Awesome.
  4. This could be much easier. Step one. Make a linear gradient (reflect) with grey and black. Use Shape 3D on the settings of the bullet.
  5. I had this too for a while. I just were trying something too, and it worked =D
  6. Thank you barbieq! And also to you, chrisco! I will add more work soon.
  7. My Outcome. I really like ur tuts. PS: Goeiemoggel.
  8. Ive not much to say about that. Nice border nice font. The little stripes fit good. A 8/10.
  9. Your sig is nice! The effect at the left of him is especially nice. Can you learn me it? 9/10
  10. Thats my result. Gonna make a bigger one now. Hidden Content:
  11. Hmm. Kinda easy (mines too although). But i like the "My Gallery" and the "Orange Tutorial" buttons. They fit good with the sig. I will give it a... 6.3
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