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  1. Coffee is really evil-- a movie directed by Tom WantmoreCoffee and Stuart Wantsomemoresugar. Its about three guys and 2 girls who work at Starbucks when Jed,idiot skater dude, puts uranium in a mocha latte and then all Sugar and Cream and Coffee breaks loose. Then 5 teenagers who never do anything right must put together a Coffee Fighting Force with Whip Cream guns and Milk grenades. Rated C for Crappy Coffee. When it Actually Makes Since
  2. They cake becomes animated and decides nice cakes are for squares and eat YOU *irony* i wish this wish couldn't be corrupted
  3. time on the toilet We're sending you back to the... (Back to the Future!!)
  4. Trees do grow money but the day everyone finds out they do...you fall asleep and they take all the money and they wont grow back for another 4839 years i wish i had a video making kit
  5. It becomes animated and decides to destroy everyone in its path with laser beams and a airplane army. i wish there were no more POP UPS!!!!
  6. it doesnt crash but since you ran it through gasoline while lighting a match, it explodes and you get blown to a place where they shun Plymoth HEMI Cudas and if you are caught with one, you are smushed and eaten by a wildabeast. I wish i had more money than Bill Gates and Oprah combined,and i was constantly making money every 3 seconds, Legally and everyone loved me....corrupt this...BWAHAHAHA :twisted:
  7. "You are a toy" a corrupted twist on the original movie "The Indian in The Cupboard". Little Jimmy couldnt wait to get his water gun 4453 with atomic squirt action and a special limited edition to where you can put ANYTHING in the gun a shoot it up to 8 cm!!! But when he gets this stupid closet with the words "You are a toy" carved into it, he decides to place himself; along with a care bear, spiderman, the Hulk, and a super smart alein. When he gets in side, and waits two seconds, everything in there is alive and they want out. To bad Jimmy isnt tall enough, so they are stuck in there forever until they find a way out, then the alein turns bad and that adds another thing to do to the list. Can they Survive and get Jimmy home? "The day the Earth ran out of Chicken and Popcorn"
  8. "Who went There?" a bonechilling horror where people are being killed and all the police have is that four people (Jason,Chucky,Michael,and Freddy) are always close or at the scene of the crime, all have diffrent stories...some are lies and some are BIGGER lies. *da da dummm* "Two Biscuits,Two cows and Two Morons"
  9. does any one know how or if you can morph two pictures together like say...giving an old lady a cat face or something similiar to that?
  10. you rob bank and are in jail and decide to draw on the cell walls you whole life i wish school would end faster
  11. it wont let me go to the render plugin, why not?! and can you just use your own? or do you need a specific one? it says im not authorized to read this forum?
  12. i dont really know what this is but it looks cool, i like the color. 7/10
  13. I hate it when people just stand there and SQUIRRL!!
  14. the antimatter becomes concious and eats half of you left arm and half of you right leg i wish i had something better to do than this!!
  15. ^ planning on eating < couldnt find the "v" button until he relised it was a v V is a AWOL KFC chicken on a mission to destroy KFC
  16. they start working, but on scheming on how to kill your grammy and succeed i wish i could slo down time
  17. Alein Hominid Family Guy Han Solo Gears of War My youtube account,first thing i made on paint and of course my signiture being used right now
  18. I am new to Paint.NET and i do not know how to make the bg image transparent, the white background ya know, or if this is even possible. If so, plz tell me;if not what do you do to get rid of this pesky image fault!
  19. Yo find out what the words mean but they both mean creatures with one eyes, hairy all over and dance twenty-four seven i wish to be a famous movie star
  20. first one, kind of boring there is no eximent second one, awesome!! i like the glow of Kratos? (i think thats him) p.s. im a noob at paint so....there ya go
  21. As you can see, im having trouble with filling in any suggestions?? plz
  22. Chuck Norris is so fast, he looks like hes a blur in ULTRA SLO MO
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