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  1. I contacted Microsoft (France) to have can be a luck to have a solution of my problem. EDIT: No made it me dismissal an automatic message - _ - Erf.. If nobody even developers know how I can find the pleasure to use Paint.net, me feels smells that I go of see using another graphic software = ( But GIMP is too much useless, Photofiltre too much complicated, PS is too dear ... Edit by Rick: Removed picture full of swearing. User is now banned. AHHH Je veut mon paint.nettt !
  2. Anybody can help us please? I really need it of this sof, me wants La Paz to betray it by using another no software such as Gimp or the other one ^^ PS: my translation does not absolutely want to say anything? Not bad, since you understood the first sentence!
  3. I have not these two file in C:\Users\Loïs\AppData\Local\Temp
  4. Yes I have a error window when I try to uninstall: http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/7667/capturer.gif ( Both girls window)
  5. [ Translated by Reverso.com : Français > English ] hi all! I am a fan of paint.net and I have récement tried to install paint.net v3.5 (Beta). It did not please me really then I wanted to return on my version 3.36. I uninstalled v3.5, and the deinstallation in failed! Since I can no more reinstall or uninstall this version, and the worst it is that me can use it in no way = (( Please help meee!! PS: the solutions proposed on the forum do not walk(work). More information here: http://translate.google.fr/translate?pr ... e0=&swap=1 Thx u ! Paint.net (3.36 ^^)
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