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  1. the removal of zoom buttons is annoying. i always draw with my tablet, so to zoom/unzoom now, i'm forced to drop my pen, and to use the mouse to that (in the menu or with CTRL) oh, and the layers box is not fixed, every time i open the program, it's still small in lower right corner, whatever i did with it previous time ( usually putting it on the top, and streching on all the height)
  2. Looks like we won't be getting an update. Shame about that i ask Harold by PM, and he say me if many peoples ask for an update, he could reconsider the question. but i certainly don't want to incitate to bump this topic nor to annoying Harold whith PM.
  3. this plugin doesn't work with paint.net 3.5. is an update possible?
  4. ->Wilson. i don't think it's a real good idea. the shop have six models in my price bracket, i can't buy one after the other to try all. and if i don't find any, i must buy one by internet, and i can make it even less. that's because i posted here, i hope somebody can say me: " this model work", "this other model doesn't," and so on. ->Helen i took a look at the wacom website, and paint.net is not in their software atlas, but if you say it work, i believe you. ->Simon Brown 3.5 is a beta version. do you know if the pressure sensitivity is still missing? and what model of graphic tablet do you use ( if you have one ), please?
  5. Hello. i'm new in the forum, and my first post is for a question. i want to buy a graphic tablet, but in the shop i gone, sales assistant was not able to say me if their model are compatible with paint.net. is somebody can recommand me some paint.net compatible brands and models of graphic tablet? i'm not an expert, and i don't think to pay for more than 150 dollars ( 100 euros or pounds) thanks in advance.
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